Oh Hey 👋🏻

In a nutshell.. 🥜

I’m a senior full-stack software developer

Kalika and I got married in October 2020 🥰

We both love taking pictures on our beloved Fujifilms

I’m constantly reading, learning, and writing — mostly focusing on Deep Work

Here’s the longer version…

Right now I’m probably…

Buildin’ Software

I’m a senior software dev with lots of ties in the Rails world and JAMstack world (holler @ Gatsby)! I love what I do on a day-to-day basis and love building huge things with small teams (thanks Rails!). Software is a blast, coding is fun, and building custom stuff for loving users is a joy. Keep it simple!

Ridin’ Bikes

I can be a bit of a cycling fanatic. Often called ‘Clyde’ by my close friends, I am indeed a Clydesdale Cyclist and will write about cycling often. I rode well over two-thousand miles in both 2019 and 2020 and, while I love riding for the sake of riding and the community that accompanies it, I’m also passionate about riding for more. Kalika has recently gotten on board with cycling as well and we’re logging lots of miles wherever we can! Check out our latest rides on Strava or call us up and let’s get some miles in! I’m currently rocking a Trek Madone 4.5 with a classic Brooks B17 saddle.

I also love making the trip back to Iowa and riding RAGBRAI every year I can! 🌽

Takin’ Pictures

I love capturing moments from my life and sharing them on Sully Shoots! It’s not something I ever want to pursue professionally or with any monetary incentive, but I love and cherish the purity behind capturing moments with people we love and sharing those moments freely. I’m not a photographer, I just love taking pictures ☺️

Playin’ Music

I’m a musician and have been all my life. I’ve been playing drums off and on since I was about five or six, electric and acoustic guitar since 2013, and have been singing since I was a young child. I typically play in the lands of country, gospel, blues, pop, rock, and CCM, but am always open to learning new things and rockin’ with new people. 100% Kemper for me! You’ll almost always find me playing a Taylor or PRS 😏

You can also find me playing Sunday mornings with Faith Life Church or occasionally elsewhere with Beyond Wildwood.

Mixin’ Shows

I’m also a professional audio tech / audio engineer. While working on my Computer Science degree in school I was the director of a mid-size sound company in East-Central Ohio. I’ve built a number of audio rigs from the ground up and have been the head engineer for a number of large shows including T-Pain and Aaron Carter. These days I operate as an audio consultant for a number of churches throughout the Columbus metro area.


I love traveling, especially if it means road-tripping, biking, or walking. Cycling has been a great means to drive all over the midwest for events but there’s just something so cool about getting around a culture that isn’t your own… and I think driving through corn fields is peaceful 🌽. Having grown up in Santa Cruz, CA, gone to school in Granville, OH, and spent a couple years in Des Moines, IA, I’ve gotten to see first hand how wonderful people are if you give them a chance. Kalika and I love to travel often, often opting to spend a month somewhere while I work remotely!

Travel Buddies

Enjoyin’ Marriage

I’m blessed to have found the woman I always dreamed of, Kalika. Luckily we share a number of passions and she puts up with all of my hobbies and shenanigans (and those nights when my brain is background-processing dev concepts). This life just wouldn’t be the same without her. ☺️

Get in touch!

I've been focusing on asynchronous, intentional communication lately to motivate 'Deep Work' (see this post) so this is indeed one of the very few ways you can contact me!

That said, I'm always interested in chatting! Especially if you want to chat about code, development, workflows and process methodologies, bikes, cycling, adventuring, photography, traveling, driving, playing music, how things are built, sound, audio, physics, biology, beer, psychology, or anything else that can be nerdy. 😁

  • Columbus, OH