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Hi there 👋🏻 I'm Jon.

👨🏻‍💻 Code | 🎸 Guitar | 🚴🏻‍♂️ Cycling | 🚙 Travel | 🎙 Pro Audio | 💰 Finances



Open source Netlify auth for React apps


Open source Netlify Forms integration

Netlify Community Pilot

Providing JAMstack expertise to those in need

IKE Smart City

The Interactive Smart City Kiosk

Sarge Sites

A JAMstack Approach


Apparel With A Purpose


Everyone Forgets DNS TTL.

Truly one trick to end DNS-change pain!

January 17 2021

I Got Married!

Starting a life-long journey together :)

January 3 2021

Configuring Environment Variables for All Netlify Environments

Correctly setup ENV vars for local, deploy-preview, branch-deploy, and production

December 30 2020

Trailing Slashes on Netlify

The descriptive guide, with particular instructions for Gatsby, Next.js, and other PWAs

December 29 2020

Announcing React-Netlify-Identity-Gotrue!

Bringing ALL of the Netlify Identity features to React / Gatsby / Next

December 28 2020


I've been focusing on asynchronous, intentional communication lately to motivate 'Deep Work' (see this post) so this is indeed one of the very few ways you can contact me!

That said, I'm always interested in chatting! Especially if you want to chat about code, development, workflows and process methodologies, bikes, cycling, adventuring, photography, traveling, driving, playing music, how things are built, sound, audio, physics, biology, beer, psychology, or anything else that can be nerdy. 😁

  • Columbus, OH