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Hi there 👋🏻 I'm Jon.

🎸 Guitar | 🚴🏻‍♂️ Cycling | 🚙 Travel
💰 Finances | 🎙️ Live Audio

💎 Rails | 🥪 JAMstack



Open source Netlify auth for React apps


Open source Netlify Forms integration

Netlify Pilot

Providing JAMstack expertise to those in need

Sarge Sites

Building Custom Experiences

IKE Smart City

The Interactive Smart City Kiosk


Apparel With A Purpose


Trailing Slashes and Gatsby

The Ins and Outs of How Gatsby Does Slashes

April 16 2021

Tool Highlights: Typora

An app that allows Markdown to be my primary writing syntax

March 23 2021

Comparing JAMstack and Rails

Two different tools for two different jobs

March 20 2021

'New' and 'Edit' Aren't RESTful (Rails)

But they come out-of-the-box!? Rails is RESTful!

March 18 2021


I've been focusing on asynchronous, intentional communication lately to motivate 'Deep Work' (see this post) so this is indeed one of the very few ways you can contact me!

That said, I'm always interested in chatting! Especially if you want to chat about code, development, workflows and process methodologies, bikes, cycling, adventuring, photography, traveling, driving, playing music, how things are built, sound, audio, physics, biology, beer, psychology, or anything else that can be nerdy. 😁

  • Columbus, OH