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Just offering a little life / connection / socializing shortcut that I’ve been using for a few months since I’ve gone Apple-Watch-Only (e.g. not carrying a phone). I tend to get / be involved in quite a few things and when you build software, everyone wants to “connect to chat about their app idea” 😛. Having business cards always felt a little old school (and sometimes just logistically difficult when I’m not carrying a bag), so here’s a great way to turn your Apple Watch into your portable business card with a QR Code!

The app you’ll need to download (don’t worry, it’s free) is Visual Codes for iOS. Once you install it you’ll be able to setup QR codes and (assuming you activate the Apple Watch applet) see/display them on your Watch! The QR code can link to a page on your website, a Linktree page, your primary social media account, etc.

The last bit of magic is setting your Apple Watch’s Dock setting to show ‘Favorite’ apps instead of ‘Recents’ (guide from Apple here) then set Visual Codes as your top / only Favorite App. The benefit here is that no matter what you’re Watch may be doing, pushing the side-button once will bring up the dock switcher view and the QR code will be displayed there. No need to even open the Watch Applet — just have someone point their camera at your watch and that’s it! Single-button-push QR code to wherever you’d like!

Header Photo / Banner by: me!

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