Growth Continuum

If you’ve followed my (pretty infrequent) posts over the last couple of years, you might’ve noticed a slight trend of occasionally posting about things pertaining to my own growth beyond software development. Digital minimalism, deep work, honed focus, and even body-weight control, for example, are all things I’ve spent a significant amount of time reading about, mulling over, and occasionally writing about myself. I believe this growth path to be sequential — a meandering walk through so many interesting facets of life that continues to challenge me toward positive directions, but one that can be followed in a linear direction. This probably won’t stop any time soon… I really enjoy exploring the psyche of productivity, focus, and development. After all, as I noted in a prior post, Digital Minimalism Follow-Up Pt. 2, my chief ambition is:

I want to grow great relationships and do fulfilling things.

And both of those concepts (with their many sub-branches) will undoubtedly require my continued personal growth.

Anyway, my goal with this post is actually to have it be an ordered index to all of the growth articles I’ve written and reflected on. Just want to make it easier to follow this winding path! In order, these posts are:

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