LinkedIn. Never again.

Not a particularly long post here, but probably one of the very best decisions I made in 2020 was to delete my account on LinkedIn. For everything it aspires to be, it fails. Social network? Too spammy. Digital resume? Not legitimate and oddly public. “Professional” online space? Full of fake recruiters, spambots, and no good content.

Luckily most software folks tend to already avoid LinkedIn like the plague, so I’m not exactly doing anything groundbreaking here… it’s just incredible how bad LinkedIn has become for all they sought out to be. I’ll add it as another checkbox in the list of attention-fracturing social-media services I’ll not be participating in thank-ya-very-much!

For those concerned about job prospects in the future, I guarantee that not only do better jobs come from the network around you, but more fulfilling jobs come from those same people. The people you surround yourself with tend to represent an analog of your own personality. If they recommend you jobs or companies, there’s a much better chance you’ll actually like that company over a company that’s opting to pour cash into LinkedIn content / ads.

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