Ride Rundown: The Columbus Loop (+Hard Road)

Saturday marked the first long ride of the season! A total of 51 miles round trip featuring primarily a personal favorite: ‘The Columbus Loop’. I’ve done this route many, many times but it was the first full loop of the year on the road bike. The route at face value looks like:

A map showing the route I rode around Columbus
Urban Journey

and clocks in around 37 miles if you make no extra turns… but I made a few extra turns on Saturday so we ended up with 51. The sun was out, the weather was incredible, and I was rocking the tank-top. Don’t ask me about my sunburns. Repping RAGBRAI 2019 💪🏻

Me wearing a RAGBRAI 2019 tank top
I'm too old for mirror selfies.

Here’s the official breakdown!

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