The Story Behind The Picture vol.1

Downtown Columbus Ohio at night from a distanced perspective
Downtown Columbus, OH from across the river

I took this picture at 7:01pm on December 1st 2018 (so my phone’s metadata tells me). It wasn’t really too cold out yet and I was on a long walk with a dear friend of mine that lives up by campus. I remember that we had dinner then decided to go for a walk, though I was wearing possibly the worst shoes one can wear for a long walk. We ended up walking for a number of miles that night, talking about life and our current struggles and hopes and such. This picture was taken from the top of the spiral walkway that leads to the top of thew new National Veterans Memorial Museum in Columbus. It was far beyond their closing time but the walkway goes quite a ways before you hit a closed gate. As it turns out, it makes for a great picture when everything’s lit up on a pleasant fall night. There’s something special about Columbus at night.

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