We Bought Our First Home!

Well it’s been a little while since I posted any kind of update on our travel life — most of those are happening in our newsletter — but we decided on a big change! After a few months doing month-long AirBnB’s we decided to take a big leap and switch to RV-life. We bought this beauty and just moved in!

After reading up on RV life and maintenance quite a bit, we were looking for a pretty particular rig. We wanted it to be diesel powered, have no slides (slides break… somewhat often), be off-grid capable/ready, be easy/ready to move, and manuever decently well — oh, and be a reasonable price too! We weren’t interested in any of these modern RV’s that manufacturers are making and selling for a minimum of $100k. With some prayer and grace, we found the right one. Being sold by the right people.

Title in hand!

It’s a 30-foot Gulf Stream Class A diesel pusher with no slides, 400 watts of solar on the roof (with a big battery array), and big tanks ready to keep us off-grid for quite a while at a time! Basically I bought Kalika the house she wanted and she bought me the diesel I wanted — win win! With all the solar and a built-in cellular booster I’ll be able to work remotely from mostly anywhere just by the power of the sun! And with the large tanks and propane systems on-board we will be able to camp out off-grid for up to two-weeks at a time.

We’re really excited about this journey. While we still have all of our stuff in boxes and are slowly working to unpack into the rig (the next few days will be busy 😅) we can’t wait to share more of this journey and see where it goes! Our location timeline has changed a little bit but in general we’ll be headed west toward Texas!

Header Photo / Banner by: me!

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