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Hi! Future-Jon here coming back in December of 2023 to, once again, change this article since it’s no longer accurate.

My desires and thoughts in “On Taking Pictures and Social Media” still hold true, but the actual mechanism I’ve used to host and post my pictures has changed over the years.

As of right now (December 2023), I’ve decided to migrate the “share my pictures” functionality back to this site, JonSully.net. Just click “Pics” above! This will be my image feed moving forward. It’s much easier to manage and work with, and it’s simple 🙂.

SullyShoots (the website) is still alive, but won’t be receiving new image uploads. I’ll also be working (slowly) over the next few months to migrate all images from that site back to this one. It was active for about two years and hosted all of our travel pictures faithfully! It’s just not meant for hosting large amounts of images. I talked about that (briefly) in “Iteration to Remove Friction”.

Nothing too crazy or too long here — I just wanted to give an update for those who’d previously been seeing posts come through on this site with all of my life and travel pictures: they’ve moved! For some technical and aesthetic reasons I’ve moved all of my pictures over to a site dedicated to that purpose: https://sullyshoots.com/. If you’re on the newsletter list (see sign-up box below) you’ll be getting links to both places automatically as I write them, but if you’re not, now you know! This site will continue to be my home from blog posts and other technical works, but primarily dedicated to the written form rather than imagery. 📝 See you there!

Header Photo / Banner by: me!

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