12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

I’ll be honest, this was a really tough read. Not in the sense that the content was particularly difficult or challenging — I think Jordan Peterson renders really fascinating points and supports them in novel and logical ways that are both intuitive and hard to refute. I think I found it challenging instead because you must remain intensely focused on the content to track along with it as you read through the chapters. It’s constant high-level, meta, ethereal concepts that are fascinating to mull through and ponder, but losing focus for only a sentence or two could pull you fully out of the context of the discussion! That all said, I like this one. I’d like to come back and read it again in the future. There’s a ton to grok and while Peterson (somewhat-?) successfully compiles his broad range of thoughts and analyses down into 12 rules, each sub-discussion is worth its own mindful, internal consideration.