Digital Minimalism

Sometimes you just have to read a book again to refresh your mind on its topics. It strikes me as similar to why we go to church on Sundays — repetition and reaffirmation of things we know to be true. This was a good read for me this time around though. I’ve been doing this digital minimalism thing for well over a year now and I continue to learn new things about it and myself in the process. Why do I feel the little ticks and urges I do? Where are the feelings of aversion and distraction coming from? Why is it so difficult to dial in and focus ona project sometimes? All questions I’ve had many times over the last couple of years.

I took a lot of notes while reading D.M. this time through. I also specifically switched to reading a hard-copy and writing all of my notes by hand in a separate notebook. I do think this proved to be more valuable than the Kindle format (just tap and hold to highlight..). I’ve always believed strongly in the memory value of writing things with pen/paper. No different here — I think my notes wrote deeper into my memory than a simple highlight.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts and personal reflections following this re-read. I’d like to write another ‘digital minimalism follow-up’ blog post that iterates some of these thoughts, my experiences along the way, and the difficult parts of what it all means (I know, getting real existential here). This psycho-analytical / emotional road is deep, but it’s one that I hope to explore deeper — if only to better understand myself and find new peace in that understanding.

All in all, a really thought provoking and quality re-read.