The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry

Goodness, what an absolutely brilliant and needed book. I absolutely loved this one. This is the book that I’d been hoping to find at some point — the narrative that ties together both the logistics / practices of minimalism (‘a focused life’) with the foundational faith ties that life is built upon. Having the former without the latter always felt like something was missing. The case for minimalism and focus in faith itself, as backed by scripture, was so wonderful to read.

Not to mention that, even faith aside, exploring the very word “hurry” as the basis for so much of our emotional exasperation in moments of stress is just perfect. Distilling it down to a binary of “hurrying” or “slowing” feels like a necessary simplification for me right now. Even in all of my digital minimalism and focus over these last few years, I’ve still felt it easy to split into moments of hurry — even if fabricated. It feels like almost everything around us is constantly trying to push us towards hurry. This book is a set of tools and keys to side-stepping that push and finding a place of slowness.

There are so many pieces of this book I’ll come back to.