The 5AM Club

This book has some valuable information and is occasionally interesting but has to be written in the most annoying, degrading, and generally make-you-hate-this-book sort of way. I can’t even describe all of the ways the writing style in this book is annoying. It’s about real-world things but written as a totally fictional novel with needless “magic” happening all over the place to help make the content feel stronger (?) while continuously referring to the main characters as “the entrepreneur”, “the artist”, and “the billionaire”? As if 1) people don’t have names, and 2) you need to specifically note (HUNDREDS OF TIMES) that the mentor-person is a billionaire to help reinforce that your methods are valid? What an annoying read. A few interesting bits of information that might help morning productivity, just delivered in the worst possible way. It’s a book that’s supposed to be real-world, applicable information… delivered as a terrible novel.

An Amazon reviewer described it well: “I couldn’t get through 100 pages in this book because it’s so bad. The content is delivered through a story of people looking to make radical changes to their lives, the only problem is that it’s not relatable, poorly written, and completely derails the message of this book.”