Agent Pronto

The Agent Pronto system exists for largely the same reasons as most indexed/graded connection systems: with a sufficiently large number of vendors in a given market, it can be difficult and time-consuming to suss out which vendors are great and which ones purely rely on marketing fluff!

Agent Pronto exists to help home, property, and estate buyers and sellers find actually great real estate agents. We maintain a continually updating score-based index of realtors based on their performance (which we personally track over time) so that we can help folks get connected to provably great people. There’s a lot of marketing, a lot of fluff, and a lot of junk out there. I am personally confident and proud that we can help people skip all of that searching and deliver credible and validated realtors right to them. For free, even.

On the technical side, it’s a continual project for sure. Two separate Rails apps that sit on top of the same database (dupe’d schema and all) yet talk to each other plenty… lots of technical cruft. Likely a many-years’ journey through refactoring and rebuilding to (hopefully) get to a point in the future where we have a single, clean Rails app. That said, it’s a small team working on the project and all wonderful people.