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Update: InTheNumber was a former client of Sarge Sites.

InTheNumber is a new breed of apparel company. Beyond the scope of making great looking clothing and pieces that are both comfortable and sleek, InTheNumber’s mission is to be the catalyst by which communities come together. Wearing a piece of I’M IN gear represents membership in the shared goal of neighborhoods joining forces to support and invest in one another.

My personal involvement with InTheNumber (’ITN’) has been a lot of fun. Since ITN has their own third party marketing and design team, our team at Sarge Sites was tasked with really taking over the “site-health” side of things. The state of the site when our teams began working together was grim- the site’s average page load time was well into the teens (seconds) and didn’t have any security or performance layers installed. As far as I understood it, the previous dev shop that built the site wasn’t an experienced WordPress shop and crafted a WordPress/jQuery amalgamation with some custom Rails components running as cron jobs on the web server 😬

Our team decided to spin up a fresh development environment for ITN and rebuild from scratch. ITN’s design team was given the freedom to design the pages as they saw fit (within some reasonable performance and caching constraints) while our team had a clean slate on which to build serious security and performance tooling. That strategy worked really well and we were able to release the new version of the site within only a few weeks. The site is now fully monitored and secured under the Sarge Sites monitoring suite and grows daily with ITN’s business. As we continue building out robust features and functionalities, we’re excited to see our partnership with ITN grow!

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