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Full disclosure, I am an Equity Partner in Sarge Sites.

I recently rebuilt the Sarge Sites main website from the ground up. We’re a unique organization and I wanted out site to really reflect that, so every decision was made intentionally. Here are some of the factors that played into the build and some of the important features I built in.

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First impressions are critical. I wanted a design that feels modern, sharp, clean, and friendly. Something that could speak to the high performance nature of Sarge Sites while still retaining the relationship-driven approach we embody. The design also had to be super responsive to accommodate that over half of all internet traffic is on a mobile device. So we scaffolded up something great. Check it out:

The Sarge Sites website shown on a phone
Sweet Sweet Responsiveness
The Sarge Sites website shown on a phone and iPad

The site is built to be mobile-ready too. We took a number of design elements from apps and pushed them into the web interface so that visitors would already subconsciously know what’s a button and what to tap on. Go ahead and visit Sarge Sites from your mobile device and find out for yourself 😁

The last critical component of modernized development, especially when focusing on mobile users, is site performance and speed. I’ll get into the specifics of performance and site speed below but one thing we have to remember as web developers and web app builders is that plenty of mobile traffic is still delivered over 3G (or earlier) technologies. Based on some clever decisions and page loading mechanisms, this site loads efficiently, so it retains its modern feel and design even on slow connections.

Load Speed Rates
Cable (Home) (e.g. WiFi)
0.7 seconds
1.3 seconds
3.0 seconds
6.8 seconds

Relationship Driven

One of the reasons Sarge Sites is a unique organization is that we truly, genuinely focus on the unique relationship we have with our clients. Typically in the web development world I find that the more skilled a person or organization is, the more they want to automate away the need for interactions with individuals. Now, I have nothing against automation - this world would be a very different place if we didn’t have the capability to automate - but I do think that establishing, building, and maintaining an organization’s digital presence requires more than just point-and-click tools and automated workflows.

That’s why we put the Team button first. It’s what defines Sarge Sites at its core - a small group of people that individually care about its partner organizations in a very personal way. We invest in people first, then the businesses they want to grow. We believe that’s a successful business model - digital or not.

the sargesites team: Jon, Paul, and Kristel
Jon, Paul, Kristel - the Sarge Sites team


One of Sarge Sites’ major strengths as a business is our capability and focus on web performance and speed. We intentionally build and layer performance tools to that organization’s needs given a number of factors, but the goal is always the same: to deliver your content as fast as possible. Speed is so unbelievably important to web success that to not focus on it would be robbing our clients of revenue.

Needless to say, I wanted to make sure that the Sarge Site reflected every ounce of speed and performance optimization possible. It had to be fast. Really fast.


Sarge Sites Website Performance Metrics

This site’s average page speed globally is a fraction of a second with no cost to the design or functionality. In fact, most of the content of the site is loaded in that single page load. Without revealing too much, this site build leveraged a lot of JAMstack principles while retaining a rich end user experience.


The last critical component of this site build was that the site itself should carry the burden of responsibility for our common business tasks. We didn’t want to use a number of disconnected services for our billing and client support avenues; we wanted them all wrapped up into this single website. Our billing platform, lead tracking system, new-client initiation workflow, client dash-board / Slack interop (so they can chat with us directly), and all of our legal agreements live here. This site is the source of truth for us, and it simplifies so much of our business to keep it that way.

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We’re excited to continue growing this organization and optimizing the web experience for all of our clients’ visitors and customers. To learn more, get in touch with us. We would love to get to know you.