Rails Wizards Pt. 9

Series Breakdown
  1. Part 1: What’s a Wizard and Why are We Here?
  2. Part 2: Choose Your Data Persistence
  3. Part 3: Choose Your URL Strategy
  4. Part 4: Model Validations
  5. Part 5: Routing and Controllers
  6. Part 6: Add Hotwire / Turbo!
  7. Part 7: Other Modifications / Options
  8. Part 8: Did We Do the Thing?
  9. Part 9: See it in Action!

Live Examples

Well hey! You either made it through the entire series or you’re jumping ahead to get inspired to read the rest of the series by playing with the fun toys we made. Either way is totally fine by me 😎. You can find every variation of Rails Wizard discussed in this series implemented on the following URL. Each variation gets its own Model and wizard for the sake of namespacing — hopefully you’ll find them enjoyable.

NOTE: This is a free-tier Heroku app, so this is the warning about the 30-second spin-up time if nobody’s hit the site recently.


Have fun!

Header Photo / Banner by: @kellysikkema

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