We've Decided to Stop Traveling Full-Time

Well, big news as noted in the title! Long story not-so-short, Kalika and I decided to stop traveling full-time and have since made our way to Hudson, WI for a while to sell the RV and recoup a bit before heading back to settle down in Ohio.

We had so much fun!

And we took so many wonderful, memory-filled pictures. This was such a fun journey for us. 6-7 months of seeing this beautiful country and the many neat places, people, and landmarks within it — a time in our life we will never forget. It also doesn’t mean we don’t love traveling still! We’ll definitely do plenty of neat, long vacations and month-long trips in the future (hopefully multiple times per year), but…

We’re ready to go home

I think at the end of the day full-time travel life (be it RV life or AirBnBs) is a lot of fun and brings you to tons of new, exciting places, but you do sacrifice many of the things that make a ‘home base’. I won’t go through everything here because all in all, we had a great experience and loved traveling, but we just ended up not loving the lack of stability in it all. Could be a simple doctor’s appointment, maybe you have to get your car worked on, maybe you just want to go for a safe road-cycling ride — maybe it’s just a haircut! When you travel all of those questions have to be answered anew every time you move. We were starting to really miss the stability and reliability of our village / home back in Columbus.

All that to say, God is faithful, we’ve been extremely blessed, and we can’t wait to rejoin our village in Columbus soon ♥️

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