Everyone Forgets DNS TTL.

Truly one trick to end DNS-change pain!

January 17 2021

I Got Married!

Starting a life-long journey together :)

January 3 2021

Configuring Environment Variables for All Netlify Environments

Correctly setup ENV vars for local, deploy-preview, branch-deploy, and production

December 30 2020

Trailing Slashes on Netlify

The descriptive guide, with particular instructions for Gatsby, Next.js, and other PWAs

December 29 2020

Announcing React-Netlify-Identity-Gotrue!

Bringing ALL of the Netlify Identity features to React / Gatsby / Next

December 28 2020

Dishwasher Revelation

My life has been changed

December 28 2020

Going Deep

Here's to building great things

December 21 2020

A Very JAMstacky URL Shortener / Redirector

Just a fun side project I built a few weeks ago

December 13 2020

A Primer on Netlify Forms Pt. 2

Netlify Forms. Let's get deep. Again.

November 11 2020