Trailing Slashes and Gatsby

The Ins and Outs of How Gatsby Does Slashes

April 16 2021

Tool Highlights: Typora

An app that allows Markdown to be my primary writing syntax

March 23 2021

Comparing JAMstack and Rails

Two different tools for two different jobs

March 20 2021

'New' and 'Edit' Aren't RESTful (Rails)

But they come out-of-the-box!? Rails is RESTful!

March 18 2021

Everyone Forgets DNS TTL.

Truly one trick to end DNS-change pain!

January 17 2021

I Got Married!

Starting a life-long journey together :)

January 3 2021

Configuring Environment Variables for All Netlify Environments

Correctly setup ENV vars for local, deploy-preview, branch-deploy, and production

December 30 2020