We're Hitting the Road!

I briefly mentioned it in my July Life Update but I felt like an ‘official’ announcement was necessary: Kalika and I will be packing up and leaving Columbus (and Ohio) at the beginning of October! With Agent Pronto being fully remote and Kalika being free from work altogether, we’ve decided to spend a year or two traveling full-time before venturing into the journey of kids. We’ll be doing month-long stays at small towns and cities around the US (+ Europe in 2022🤞🏻) (update!), hoping to meet all kinds of people and see so many of the beautiful sights on Earth. Oh, and find the best bike rides! We’re really excited.

In the meantime I’ll be posting plenty of pictures and stories here. For those of you that’d like to, the email subscription box below can help you stay up to date with us 🙂. Otherwise we fully expect to stay in close touch with our friends and family — Facetime’s and Phone call’s aplenty!

Ohio will always have our hearts but for now…

Next stop, Denver!

I'll miss this little lake

Update: Where to next?

I’m going to keep an updated list of our destinations for the forseeable future here!

  • ✅ October 1st - October 23rd 2021 — Minneapolis, MN
  • ✅ October 23rd - November 23rd 2021 — Denver, CO
  • ✅ November 25th - December 23rd 2021 — Orlando, FL
  • ✅ December 23rd - January 24th 2022 — Charlotte, NC

Update Jan/22: we decided to change up plans in a pretty big way! We bought an RV and are going to full-time travel in that rather than jumping around to month-long AirBnBs! Woohoo!

Header Photo / Banner by: me!

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